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Water Into Wine

Q: Why does Jesus turn the water into wine in John chapter 2, when he tells his mother that it is not yet his time? A: This is a really great question! If you briefly survey commentators and notes on this passage, you'll see that the significance of this particular statement and passage is not uniformly agreed upon. Some groups maintain that this passage (among others) teaches that Jesus can never say "No" to His mother and thereby proves the efficacy of prayers to Mary. Other groups vehemently deny this claim. Some say that Jesus' response to His earthly mother is disrespectful or at least indicative of a change in their relationship as He is entering into public ministry. Clearly, opinions vary. So, what is this passage in John 2 here for and what is God communicating through His word to His people? Part of the reason for such varying opinion is that the text simply doesn't explain exactly why Jesus responds to His mother in this way and then changes th

The Origin of Diseases

Question - "Hello Pastors, today in Biology class we were talking about Malaria. We discussed that the only way a person can become infected with Malaria is if they get bitten by a mosquito that has the disease, and the only way a mosquito is carrying the disease is if they bit an infected person; and I was wondering what came first and who created diseases? Thanks." Answer - No, thank you! It has been over 35 years since I took High School Biology so it was about time I brushed up a little. I'm not sure about everything your Teacher taught but the dilemma you present is an accurate one. Where did the Malaria come from in the first place? How did the first person infected with it get infected? I checked out the science stuff. Here is what I was able to find. Malaria is a living organism. A parasite. The Malaria that infects humans is called p. falciparum  or p. vivax depending on the strain. I believe the "p ." classifies it as a parasite but remember