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What's Up With 2 Samuel 24?

Q: I don't understand 2 Samuel chapter 24 at all. Mostly because of the first verse: 2 Samuel 24:1 (NLT) Once again the anger of the LORD burned against Israel, and he caused David to harm them by taking a census. “Go and count the people of Israel and Judah,” the LORD told him. Why was The Lord angry and why would this route of taking a census harm them? Just for the money aspect? And then why would he punish David and Israel for doing it?? A: This is a really good question because the text doesn't make any explicit explanation as to why the Lord was angry. We will do our best to make some theological conclusions based on what the text does say. I'm also going to provide a little speculation on my end. Just a fair warning! First, let's consider the context. King David is ruling over the united kingdom of Israel and Judah. He is getting advanced in age. During David's reign, the Lord has greatly expanded their territory. David has made a name for himself