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We Are The Body

Q: When you emphasize the spiritual gift of evangelism aren't you neglecting the other gifts which are just as valid and important? A: This is a great and important question. I know many people who have asked this question. It is good to be able to address it for mutual edification. Hopefully we can bring clarity to spiritual gifts and the purpose of the body. Before diving in, it is important to state that we agree whole-heartedly and without qualification that every spiritual gift which is given by the Lord is valid and important. There is very little agreement in the professing Church as to what, exactly , the gifts of the Spirit are. Debate swirls around which gifts are still around today. This is not territory that we would like to explore in this particular question. However, whatever gifts the Spirit gives to His followers today are all valid and important. This is the major point of agreement. The Apostle Paul makes this point clear enough in 1 Corinthians 12:14-26

Relationship Evangelism

Q: Are you against relationship evangelism? If so, why? So many books and ministries recommend and teach it! A: It's important to point out that often this question or criticism against the evangelism methods that Fourth Year Ministries (and other, like-minded organizations ) endorse and teach, there is an underlying belief that thinks we are against relationships. We are not against relationships. We are, however, for evangelism. Much of what is taught and presented as "relationship evangelism" is not really "evangelism" at all. It is relationship. It is "life-on-life." But it's not evangelism. I must state clearly that the number of people who like relationship evangelism makes no difference to me. To be swayed by the numbers of people who hold to a particular view or belief system is a mistake. I've heard commercials for products claiming, "50 million people can't be wrong!" Yes. Yes, they can be . For our purpos

Infant Baptism?

Q: I am trying to look at this objectively. I have, in my life, been taught both - infant baptism as well as adult. I personally believe in adult baptism because it is what I see and read in scripture. However, I do not know the history (with John the Baptist and before him) and also regarding early church writings. My question in short is: What does God say, in His Word, regarding baptism? Feel free to use (or not use this) this article making a case for infant baptism which I was recently given. A: Another really great and important question! Before reading this post, I encourage everyone to read the article linked to by Pastor Bucher above in full. You can get a feel for the arguments being made. I will necessarily have to summarize. I would hate to have anyone think that I have mischaracterized the case he makes. The author of the article makes an important observation at the beginning. He points to the reality that this issue has Christians on both sides. Each claims th