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"Serpent of Old"

Question: “I just got to the going deeper point C in the Genesis lesson 5 devotion...I am one of those that would quickly tell you that the serpent in the Garden of Eden is Satan. Now, as you challenged, as I re-read the passage, I don't see where it identifies the serpent as Satan. So, maybe I am coming to a conclusion that my previous beliefs were based on tradition (of man). But one question. The serpent LIED to Eve. Isn't that already sin even though the 10 Commandments have not been given? And if it's already sin, where did that sin come from when God made all the animals and I really can't see Him making them with sin in them. I'm thinking out loud here a bit, but I don't see God's earthly creation having sin, so it must have been Satan in disguise?” Answer: Thank you for this question. It is one that comes up from time to time and contains some elements that I believe at least, once clarified from scripture, will help us to further understand