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The Armor of God Revisited

I encountered something that is a common experience for me while out sharing the gospel today: professing Christians who believe they are headed to heaven as a result of their church attendance, good works, and moral behavior. In one conversation today, I asked a question I ask to many who tell me they are headed to heaven because of their religious works: "You've told me a lot about what you are doing to get to heaven. Can you tell me a little about who Jesus is and what He did for Christians?" The most common response is exactly what you'd expect: "Jesus died for our sins." This answer rolls off the lips of many church-goers. It is astounding how many leave Jesus out of their path to heaven until explicitly asked. Their discussion of how they live their lives betrays the reality that they are trusting in themselves (at least a little bit) and not in Christ alone. Often when I ask the follow-up question: "What does a guy who lived and died 20