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Is The Holy Spirit a "She"?

Q: I came across a video on YouTube that quickly made my spiritual guard go up. So instead of turning it off as i maybe should have, i prayed for discernment and continued to watch. I did quickly close it however, after i heard "Ruach Ha Kodesh" referred to as a member of the Trinity (which i soon gathered was appropriate as this is the Hebrew term for The Holy Spirit), BUT the gentleman used the pronoun "SHE" in reference to Ruach Kodesh. I will admit i only briefly attempted to find credibility in this. I was floored by all of the material and sources that share this view. I usually feel well equipped to poke around and strengthen my faith by reading opposing views, but this seemed exceptionally evil. Maybe because of the stern warning from Jesus about blaspheming The Holy Spirit, i don't know. Anyway, I am hopping that this is a topic on which you may have already done the research. Question: Is there any validity to the belief held by some, that The Ho

Make Disciples

Q: Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples, so how does your mission to raise up Evangelists in the local church help to achieve this commandment from the Lord? A: This is a similar question to one asked previously regarding the perceived elevation of "the gift of evangelism" above other spiritual gifts. We encourage you to read that response in full (available here ). It explains how the office of Evangelist is a blessing to the body of Christ as we seek to evangelize the world together, in unity, for the glory of our Savior and Lord. The great commission was given to the church by our Lord in Matthew 28:18-20. It is that same risen Lord who gave gifts (Ephesians 4:7) to the church in the officers listed in Ephesians 4:11. The purpose of the church is to make disciples. The purpose of the officers in the church should work toward that same goal. The great commission itself is a singular command with three distinct aspects. The commandment is to "make di